Cooperation with NGOs/NPOs

Social issues cannot be solved through the efforts of the Nissui Group alone. Recognizing the importance of collaboration with the various companies, NGOs/NPOs and the government agencies of each country, we have been in communication with various related organizations.

Stakeholder Dialogues

Nissui conducts stakeholder dialogues in order to utilize the opinions of various stakeholders in its management and CSR activities.
On August 1, 2018, the fourth stakeholder dialogue was held.
In this stakeholder dialogue, experts – Yoshioki Oozeki, Ph.D, Senior Advisor, Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency, and Aiko Yamauchi, Leader, Oceans and Seafood Group, Conservation Division, The World Wide Fund for Nature, Japan (WWF-Japan) – were invited to exchange opinions on the sustainable use of marine resources and CSR procurement.

【Picture】Stakeholder dialogues
【Picture】Stakeholder dialogues

The stakeholder dialogues we have conducted so far
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