Flow of resources and energy in FY2017

Raw materials Ingredients

We procure raw materials across the world while taking good care of resources and the global environment. We are also making efforts to reduce the use of materials, packaging, and containers and to engage in green procurement.


Procurement Processing

We create diverse value, including seafood ingredients and foods with a focus on great taste and quality, and functional materials that contribute to health, while giving due consideration to the sustainable use of marine resources.

Marine Products Business
We strengthen our access to marine resources to provide a stable supply of seafood (fresh and frozen fish) that is safe, reliable, and delicious.
Food Products Business
We create new value through food that contributes to society, such as accommodating changes in eating habits and proposing low-sodium foods.
Fine Chemicals Business
We use R&D technology that takes advantage of marine resources to create functional materials such as EPA and DHA. We aim to make greater contributions in the field of health.

Logistics Others

We are building a value network that achieves both efficient distribution and environment-friendliness. Furthermore, we are developing a wide range of sea and food-related businesses by making the most of the human resources and technologies we have developed over the years.

Logistics Business
We operate a cold storage business, a third-party logistics business which provides integrated logistics services, and an international marine logistics business. We always aim to improve distribution efficiency by expanding storage capacity.
Other Businesses
We engage in the construction and operation of ships, sales of equipment and hardware for food processing, support of marine research, and other related operations.


Products / Services

We provide products with thorough commitment to taste, ease of eating, safety and reliability.

Fisheries processed products



We are also working hard to reduce the volume of product containers and packaging that ends up as waste after customers use products.


Water resources

3,632 million m3 of city water, well water, and industrial water


Purchased electricity: 210,955 million kWh
Heavy fuel oil A: 2,362 kL
Kerosene: 918 kL
Diesel: 2,569 kL
City gas: 17,558 million m3
LPG: 2,648 tons




Animal and plant residue, waste oil, and sludge
Generated: 42,412 tons
Recycled: 41,111 tons
(Recycling rate: 96.9%)
Amount processed/disposed: 1,301 tons

Effluent and BOD, etc.

Effluent and BOD, etc

CO2and other gases
CO2: 171,902 tons-CO2

  • Note: Numerical data used in Input and Output include data from business locations of non-consolidated Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. and its 24 domestic consolidated subsidiaries, which is the scope of the report of the activities to reduce environmental impact.
Flow of resources and energy in FY2017
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