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Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. President Shingo Hamada

We will promote diversity & inclusion to translate diverse values into innovation and value creation.

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President & CEO
Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd.
Shingo Hamada


The Nissui Group, which has selected "Aim to be a company where diverse human resources play an important role to address the social agenda" as one of its key issues, is aiming at being in a state where, by 2030, it is generating innovation that will lead to value creation by utilizing diverse human resources and providing opportunities for such human resources to demonstrate the fullest potential. While diversity is comprised of various elements, our first step at Nissui will be to promote women's empowerment as a matter of priority.
Given that diversity is an important management issue for a company, we joined the "30% Club Japan" in support of the objective of its activities in 2021, in order to bring about greater gender diversity in our decision-making body. While learning from actions that will help resolve issues, we will promote women's participation in the management of Nissui. Although it may take some time, we believe that the best way is to raise the ratio of female recruits and develop a framework that enables them to play a greater role and thereby increase the ratio of female managers and select officers from within the company, instead of just increasing female outside Directors for the sake of achieving the target.
For the expansion of overseas businesses, it is indispensable to develop global personnel with the ability to build good relationships and yield results with people with diverse values in any complex and uncertain business environment around the world. We will aim to boost the capabilities and draw out the full potential of each and every employee by such means as hiring and training candidates based on a business plan in each business, preparing career paths and training methods for them as global personnel from the time they join Nissui, and getting them involved in exchanges including Group companies outside Japan.
In order to deal with diversifying customers' needs and social issues, we will continue to promote diversity & inclusion into the future, to enable the translation of various values into innovation and value creation that create new businesses.

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