Initiatives for Popularizing Fish Consumption

Initiatives for Popularizing Fish Consumption

Conducting Plant Tours to Deepen Understanding toward Consuming Fish

We want children to see how the food they eat is made and to become familiar with a fish-based diet. For this reason, the Nissui Group has been conducting plant tours for local elementary schools. At the Himeji General Plant, elementary school children were able to observe actual chikuwa-making up-close and to learn hands-on about food-manufacturing safety and security.


Plant Tour at the Himeji General Plant

The Fish Masters’ “Eat Fish Project”

The “Eat Fish Project” was started in May 2013 to promote seafood consumption by the Nissui Group company, Yamatsu Suisan Co., Ltd. As part of this project, “Fish Masters” from Yamatsu Suisan have been visiting local elementary schools mainly in Niigata Prefecture. In the dialogues, the children asked numerous questions, and became very excited when they were given the opportunity to handle live fish.


The children ate grilled fish and learned where each bone was found.

DFF Inc., 日本水産株式会社 CSR部CSR課

Activities to Teach the Next Generation the Importance of Diet

As employees of a company that handles food, Nissui employees are involved in activities to communicate the importance of diet to children. In FY2018, activities centered on such themes as “Let’s learn about the importance of food: Fish and good health,” “Learning about Osaka food culture and local fish and shellfish types through live fish and dissection,” and “Fish classroom and hotpot cooking with dissected yellowtail.” Children listened eagerly to the lecturers’ explanations as they learned about the value of nutritionally well-balanced meals and the positive effects of EPA and DHA found in fish.



DFF Inc., 日本水産株式会社 CSR部CSR課, 外部協力者