The Nissui Group's CSR Initiatives

CSR Promotion System

Promotion Framework - The CSR Committee

We established a CSR Committee which reports directly to the President to promote CSR activities of the entire Group.

Organizational Structure

The CSR Department was established in March 2017 to reinforce CSR activities.

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The CSR Committee and Subcommittee

The CSR Committee, chaired by the President & CEO and comprising Executive Officers, is held six times a year.
It consists of seven subcommittees to promote priority issues (Marine Resource Sustainability Subcommittee, Sustainable Procurement Subcommittee, Marine Environment Subcommittee, Plastics Subcommittee, Food Loss and Waste Subcommittee, Diversity Subcommittee and Human Rights Subcommittee) and the Environmental Subcommittee, to which Executive Officers have been appointed as Subcommittee Chairpersons, with members have been appointed by Subcommittee Chairpersons.

system, 日本水産株式会社 CSR部CSR課, 外部協力者, 日本水産株式会社 広報課

Dissemination of CSR Activities Throughout Nissui

The CSR Newsletter: Let’s Listen to the Voice of the Sea, an employee newsletter, is published once or twice a month as a way of disseminating CSR activities throughout Nissui.
The newsletter posts and shares such information as the approach to CSR, the progress being made by the subcommittees for each of their key issues and CSR events in which the employees participated. The newsletter was launched in April 2016. Each issue from the inaugural issue to the 54th issue was collected and compiled as a booklet and distributed to the Nissui Group companies. Since then, the newsletter has been distributed simultaneously to the Nissui Group companies, and in March 2021, the 110th issue was published.

【Picture】Let’s Listen to the Voice of the Sea, an employee newsletter
system, 日本水産株式会社 CSR部CSR課, 外部協力者, 日本水産株式会社 広報課

CSR Activities of the Business Locations and Group Companies

Workshop on the SDGs and Group Work (Fine Chemicals General Plant Tsukuba Plant)

On January 9, 2020, a workshop and group work were held to make all plant employees (approximately 70 employees) understand the SDGs at the Fine Chemicals General Plant Tsukuba Plant.
Subsequently, for the purpose of instilling the SDGs among employees, "Tsukuba Plant SDGs Newspaper" was published once a month in 2020 and is posted in the SDGs corner set up in the cafeteria.The Newspaper contains a report on activities concerning the SDGs at the Plant as well as introductory articles covering familiar themes related to the SDGs, including describing the environmental impact of the Plant's facilities.In order to raise employees' awareness as participants, without limiting itself to being a one-sided source of information, a quiz event linked with the Newspaper was held, in which all employees of the Plant participated.
The Plant is working as one to engage in CSR activities while utilizing the Newspaper to encourage employees to participate in such activities in a joyful way and make them understand the SDGs as their own issues.


Formation of the Sustainability Team (Sealord Group, Ltd.)

In May 2019, the Nissui Group company, Sealord Group, Ltd. (New Zealand), established a new team dedicated to sustainability. This team comprises key members of various departments including procurement, innovation, human resources, quality, marketing, and compliance. It aims to reduce Sealord’s negative impact on the environment, by first assessing the impact of climate change on the company’s business as well as the impact of the business on the environment based on data and science. Sealord is also measuring its carbon emissions with the help of an external agency. The next step will be to develop a consistently updated Sustainability Strategy and incorporating sustainability into the company’s strategic priorities in the long term.

Formation of the Sustainability Team (Sealord Group, Ltd.)

CSR Awareness Day (Nordic Seafood A/S)

On February 28, 2020, the Nissui Group company, Nordic Seafood A/S (Denmark), held a workshop on CSR called “CSR Awareness Day” for its employees to discuss the multitude of issues that the company’s product range entails. As a result, the employees deepened their understanding of the company’s business model while at the same time became aware of how to address the issues of sustainability and social responsibility.

CSR Awareness Day (Nordic Seafood A/S)
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