Women's Empowerment

Action Plan for Female Participation

Nissui formulated and announced an Action Plan in April 2016 to create an employment environment where female employees can take an active part.

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Trends in the Promotion of Female Employees

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During the period from April 2016 to March 2019, Nissui aims to increase the number of female managers in the departments by 150% compared to that in April 2016.  

Ratio of Female Executives and Managers

Ratio of Female Executives and Managers

Ratio of Female Managers in the Departments

Ratio of Female Managers in the Departments

Executive: Board Members, Auditors, Executive Officers
Manager: Persons in positions with subordinates, and persons who do not have subordinates but are in a similar position, excluding executives
Scope: Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. (Nissui) (As of March of each year)

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Conducted a Gender Diversity Awareness Survey

In fiscal 2017, a survey was conducted over the Intranet on all, approximately 1,200 employees, regarding the gender gap, career orientation and the gap in awareness between managers and employees, among others to identify issues.
With regard to items identified as issues in this survey, the Diversity and Personnel Development Subcommittee monitors the progress of activities toward improvement and efforts are being made to improve the corporate culture.

DFF Inc., 日本水産株式会社 CSR部CSR課, 外部協力者

Exchange of Opinions on Diversity

On December 13, 2018, an exchange of opinions was held between Takayuki Kawashima, Director of the NPO, Fathering Japan and the CEO of Kodikara Nippon, and five of the Company’s executives.
Nissui was able to confirm the current situation in which there was an increasing number of companies, regardless of industry and business category, promoting work style reforms, women empowerment, the correction of long working hours and work-life balance. In such circumstances, an exchange of opinions was conducted on the situation of the Company and its problems. Opinions expressed included, “Reforms in the attitudes of male managers that have hardened like clay and commitments to the reforms will be required” and “Superiors require the management capabilities to manage employees working under constraints."

【写真】ダイバーシティ意見交換会 【写真】ダイバーシティ意見交換会
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Conducted “Female Employee Career Development Seminar” for Superiors

In the process of career formation of female employees, Nissui conducts seminars intended for superiors to learn management skills that will assist female employees in increasing their advancement.
In fiscal 2018, 38 managers participated and comments by participant included, “It was an opportunity to reflect on my own management and think about the career formation of female subordinates,” and “The key management points for the career development of female subordinates were outlined in an easy-to-understand way.”

DFF Inc., 日本水産株式会社 CSR部CSR課, 外部協力者