Initiatives for End Hunger

“Table for Two” Activities

Activities at Hachioji General Plant

Since March 2018, Hachioji General Plant has been running its Table For Two campaign. In the campaign, when employees purchase certain set meals or foods, a 20 yen donation is made, which, through an NPO organization, is then used to provide school meals to children in developing countries. At the Hachioji General Plant, we offer a Table For Two menu once a week, designating a fish dish rich in healthy EPA and DHA.
In 2020, in observance of World Food Day on October 16, in addition to offering Table for Two menu options, we put on slide shows about the problems of leftover food (food waste) and hunger. In the Table For Two menu offered on the day, posho - a school meal dish in Uganda—was served in a small bowl, making the employees think about the aid-receiving children eating the dish. Having modified its recipe by using beans simmered in tomato sauce as the topping for mashed potatoes, posho turned out to be highly popular among the employees.
In addition, a Table For Two vending machine has also been installed which allows the user to make a donation with every purchase of a beverage, providing plant employees with the opportunity to easily make social contributions. In fiscal 2020, a total of 110,340 yen was given as donations.

【Picture】2020TFT_World Food Day

'Onigiri Action 2021’ Campaign

Nissui is proud to announce its endorsement and support for the first time of the FY2021 ‘Onigiri Action 2021’ campaign. ‘Onigiri Action’ is an initiative in which people post photos of onigiri (rice balls) on SNS or the campaign website with the hashtag #OnigiriAction. For every photo posted, sponsoring companies donate the equivalent of five school lunches to children in need in various parts of Asia and Africa via TFT. The campaign began in 2015 to commemorate World Food Day (October 16), a day set aside by the United Nations for people around the world to think about food and food-related challenges. The Onigiri Action 2021 campaign has seen a total of 273,876 photos collected and 1,397,795 school lunches delivered to children in Africa and Asia.
From October 5, 2021, to November 5, 2021, Nissui conducted the “Onigiri Action Present Campaign with Yaki Onio,” featuring mascot character, Yaki Onio. A special website was set up to disseminate information on the campaign. In conjunction with this, Nissui Group employees planned and participated in special events which were publicized on Nissui’s SNS accounts to promote Onigiri Action, both within and outside the company. A total of 3,962 photos were collected through the Present Campaign and the Nissui Group’s events.

【Picture】Onigiri action photo mosaic art

Photo mosaic art created with photos gathered through the Nissui Group’s campaign

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Support for the Problem of Child Poverty (City of Tsukuba)

On January 29, 2019, the Fine Chemicals General Plant Tsukuba Plant donated 216 Nissui’s tinned products nearing their best-by dates out of its emergency stockpiles to the City of Tsukuba Children Welfare Office. These products were donated to the six Minna-no-Shokudo in the City of Tsukuba (Tsukuba’s children’s food kitchens) and were used to support the children living in the City of Tsukuba facing economic difficulties.
The Tsukuba Plant also agreed to cooperate with the “Tsukuba Kodomo-no-Aoihane-Kikin,” which was established by Tsukuba City as a new system to support the future of the children and set up donation boxes. In fiscal 2020, a total of 30,000 yen was donated, covering school meal expenses for approximately 100 children. Going forward the Tsukuba Plant will continue to support the local children by cooperating with the City of Tsukuba, and aim to resolve the problem of poverty in the City of Tsukuba.

【Picture】Support for the Problem of Child Poverty (City of Tsukuba)
【Picture】Support for the Problem of Child Poverty (City of Tsukuba)
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