To bequeath the bounty of the seas to future generations,
we will endeavor to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
and contribute to resolving social issues through our business.

Initiatives for ESG


Maximizing value to make full use
of finite marine resources


Nissui: for Human Health and Sparkling Seas

What's New


Information Security Subcommittee

The Information Security Subcommittee is convened four times a year. Additi...

CSR Procurement

Gorton’s Trusted Catch Sustainability Program (Gorton's Inc.)

Gorton’s Inc., member of the Nissui Group is promising sustainable proc...

Marine Eco-Labels

Acquires ASC Certification of Salmon/Trout

Salmones Antartica S.A. (SA) (Chile), the Nissui Group company, has bee...

Sustainability Site Map
Sustainability Site Map

Sustainability site map

Sustainability site map Message from the President The Ni...

Message from the President
Message from the President

Message from the President

Message from the President With the adoption of the Sustainable Deve...

Food Loss and Waste

Promotion Framework

The Food Loss and Waste Subcommittee, chaired by the Executive Officer, is ...

The Nissui Group's CSR Initiatives
Stakeholder Communication

Nissui Group's Stakeholder Communication

In its business activities, a company faces a variety of societal issues th...

Initiatives for End Hunger

“Table for Two” Activities at Hachioji General Plant

Since March 2018, Hachioji General Plant has been running its Table For...

Approach to and Systems to Ensure Safety and Security

Quality Assurance Systems

In order to produce products to the customers’ satisfaction, quality assura...

Other Activities

Donation to the Scholarship Foundation for Orphans from Marine Accidents

Nissui, with the cooperation of its executives and employees, the (NAC) Nip...

Initiatives for Popularizing Fish Consumption

Activities to Teach the Next Generation the Importance of Diet

As employees of a company that handles food, Nissui employees are involve...

Cooperation with NGOs/NPOs

Stakeholder dialogues

Nissui conducts stakeholder dialogues in order to utilize the opinions of v...

Employee Health

Adoption of Employee Benefits System/Cafeteria Plan

As part of measures for “Employee health,” Nissui has adopted “N Café,”...


Code of Ethics

Objectives Being aware that each of us is a constituent member of the bu...

Corporate Governance

Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

Nissui upholds the Policy toward Society “to behave with integrity as a com...

Nissui Pioneer Exhibition

The Nissui Group's CSR Initiatives
Determination of Key Issues

Connections Between the Nissui Group’s Key Issues and the SDGs

While reaffrming the connections between the Sustainable Development Goals ...

Promoting Aquaculture

Environmentally-friendly On-land Shrimp Farming

In 2011, the Nissui Group commenced basic research into the on-land far...

Reducing Environmental Impact

Reduction of CO2 Emission through the Adoption of Gas Cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power Supply System)

The Kashima No.1 Plant and the Kashima No.2 Plant of the Fine Chemicals Gen...

Preservation of the "forest, river and sea"

Preservation Activities of Utsunuki Green Zone

“The Utsunuki Green Zone” is a “satoyama (village forests)” adjacent to the...

Biodiversity Preservation

Biotope at the Anjo Plant

In conjunction with the reconstruction of its drainage canal, a biotope was...

Women's Empowerment

Exchange of Opinions on Diversity

On December 13, 2018, an exchange of opinions was held between Takayuki Kaw...

Work Style Reform

Supporting the Balance of Nursing Care and Work

Nissui has a nursing care leave program, in which 10 days of leave per year...

The Vision Targeted in 2030
The Vision Targeted in 2030

Key Issues Selected by the Nissui Group and the vision targeted in 2030

The four subcommittees that promote the key issues (Resource Sustainability...