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Initiatives to Ensure Safety and Security

Checking System

Various checks are carried out in the plant. Several dozen items are checke...

Work Style Reform

Promoting the Taking of Paid Leave

As part of efforts to create a comfortable and rewarding work environment...

Message from the President
Message from the President

Message from the President

We at the Nissui Group issued our CSR Action Declaration in 2016, where w...

CSR Procurement

CSR Supplier Guideline

Nissui, in accordance with the Nissui Group Basic Procurement Policy and CS...

Nissui Pioneer Exhibition

Biodiversity Preservation

Biotope at the Anjo Plant

In conjunction with the reconstruction of its drainage canal, a biotope w...

Food Loss and Waste

Initiatives with Second Harvest Japan

Since fiscal 2008, Nissui has been donating frozen food to Second Har...

"Umi & Sakana" Competition

Activities of Group Companies

Partnership with New England Aquarium

Gorton’s has been forming partnership with New England Aquarium (NEAq),...

Sports Support

Co-sponsorship of Rugby Teams of New Zealand

Nissui has been an official sponsor of the “All Blacks,” the national rug...

Quality Assurance Code

Quality Assurance Systems

In order to produce products to the customers’ satisfaction, quality assura...

Employee Heath

Employee Health Declaration

At the Nissui Group, we consider our employees to be our most valuable asse...


Corporate Governance Promotion Structure / Ethics Subcommittee

The Code of Ethics, which sets forth our ethics and action guidelines, upho...

The Nissui Group's CSR Initiatives
CSR Promotion System

The CSR Committee and Subcommittee

The CSR Committee, chaired by the President & CEO and comprising all Ex...

Labor Safety/Training and Development

Training and Development

Nissui conducts a new employee OJT program for its new employees. Nissui a...

Women's Empowerment

Conducted a Gender Diversity Awareness Survey

In fiscal 2017, a survey was conducted over the Intranet on all, approxim...